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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amazing Monty by Johanna Hurwitz

Rating: Good
Format: Chapter book with illustrations throughout
Interest Level: 2-4
Concerns: None

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In this third book in this series, Monty’s life is full of surprises. First, he loses his tooth and gets a surprise from the tooth fairy. Then, he discovers that his classroom will keep two parrots—Yankee and Doodle—as their classroom pets. Monty is very excited since he had tried to get these very parrots for his own. But that's not where the excitement ends. When Mrs. Meaney is absent due to jury duty, it’s the substitute that seems mean. By accident, the parrots escape from their cage and Monty gets to be the hero of the day. Finally, Monty has the best surprise of all. His mom is having a baby. Monty worries the baby will have asthma too. As the time draws near for the baby to come, Monty gets to experience two types of showers. One shower is in a car ride through a car wash. Unfortunately, the smells and closeness of the car sets off an asthma attack. And the other shower is a surprise party for his mom! Grandmother comes to stay and Monty gets a little sister for his present.

This is another nice book from Johanna Hurwitz. Monty is certainly a character that boys can relate to and grow with especially if they too have asthma. All the adults in the book are kind and helpful. The kids are respectful to their parents and other adults.

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